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AK Enterprises Roofing is a leader in Muskoka offering full roofing services such as Asphalt & Metal Roofing, Eavestrough, Soffit, Fascia, VALOR Gutter Guards, Insulation & more. Click below to contact us today.


AK Enterprises Roofing is a locally owned and operated residential roofing company serving Muskoka and area since 1979. Our commitment to quality workmanship and total customer satisfaction has given us our excellent reputation as recognized professionals for Roofing Muskoka.

Satellite Measuring

Using Google Satellite Imagery, we can remotely measure and quote your roof with 99% accuracy meaning a quick turnaround time for your FREE estimate.

Fully Insured

We keep in force all WSIB coverage and are insured for the protection of our customers and staff. We follow strict health and safety guidelines and are your best choice for roofing in Muskoka.

42 Years of Service

Being in business since 1979 means our dedicated staff has years of experience. We ensure expert advice and craftsmanship from initial consultation to project completion.



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Professional Workmanship Guaranteed

Why are we the most trusted roofing company in Muskoka Ontario? Quality roofing material is one of the hallmarks of excellent commercial or residential roof installations. As a roofing business, we focus on our reputation and quality workmanship is priority #1 for every job we do.

Asphalt, Metal, Insulation, Eavestrough, Soffit & Fascia

A Reputable roofing contractor like AK Roofing that services the Muskoka area can provide complete roofing services to homeowners, home contractors, and commercial builders. The services that AK Enterprises Roofing offers include asphalt roofingroofing repairsmetal roofing solutions, and flat roofing. As a successful roofing company, we offer free home roof inspection services and estimates. Above all, our customer service is excellent and we can help you out of any roofing situation. From shingle roofing repair to new installations, we got you covered long-term. If you have an existing home in need of roof repair, we can tackle that too.

Thousands of Projects Completed

Thousands of Projects Completed

AK is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. In other words, we are professional certified roofing installers.
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Thousands of Happy Customers

Thousands of Happy Customers

AK has served thousands of asphalt roofing customers. Our company has many years of asphalt shingle roofing experience in Muskoka Ontario.
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Homeowners Protected

Homeowners Protected

Our work is covered by WSIB. Therefore, homeowners are protected by manufactures’ warranty coverage when they use our services.
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42 Years of Experience

42 Years of Experience

AK Enterprises has been in operation since 1979 and our core business is in asphalt shingle roofing. Although, we have been building a name for ourselves by providing metal roofing installations to commercial clients in Muskoka Ontario as well. Give your home the roof it deserves!
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Valor is the absolute best quality and engineered gutter guards on the market. For instance, they are designed and tested to stand up to all weather and debris such as leaves, pine needles, and shingle grit. They put all other brands to shame.

Signs You May Need a New Roof

Never wait for your roof to crumble or to leak before you repair it. However, the kind of roofing material and the number of years it has been in existence should directly point you to when you need to carry out roof repairs or new installation. Here are other signs that will indicate to you when you need to begin a roofing project:

If you find damaged, peeling, or cracked shingles on your roof, then you should think about replacing your roof. Additionally, check your gutters for shingle granules. If you see a lot of asphalt material in your eavestrough they are on the way out, then you should start to get some roof quotes. The sooner you change the roofing material the less damage you do to the roofing plywood and avoid leaks.

Check the overall state of the metal roofing material. For instance, if you’re using metal for your roofing, inspect the entire metal roofing system including seams and flashings. After that, if the metal roof has any sign of damage like rusting, then you should think of getting things repaired. Also, check for signs of a sagging roof. If there any signs of sag spots, trapped moisture, or boards that have started to rot, you may have trapped moisture in your roof deck.

This is not always possible, but if you purchase a home, ask the last homeowners or the realtor when the last roof was put on. You can also inquire about any warranties that may be transferred over to you. You may also contact a local roofer like AK Enterprises to have a look just to be sure it’s still in good shape.

Survey your roof for any signs of mildew growth or mold. The appearance of growth such as moss, fungi, or mold is a warning that your roof ventilation is unreliable and that it may have trapped moisture. Remember bad ventilation is the #1 cause of failing roofs. Additionally, you may want to get into the attic with a flashlight and double-check that everything is staying dry up there as well.

Although all the points above indicate a problem with your roof, you should always contact a roofing company with high standards and decades of experience like AK Enterprises Roofing. Most importantly, we will review the issue and will provide professional input on what to do for a roof leak or reconstruction of the roof deck.

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Contact AK Enterprises Roofing to get started on your roofing project in Alliston, Ontario today. We offer free home roof inspections and free roof estimates. Call, email, or chat with us to request your FREE quote. Firstly, using satellite measuring technology we will remotely and quickly measure your roof. Lastly, someone will double-check your roof and provide you with a quote at the best price.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations. As one of the top-rated roofing contractors for the area, we are committed to quality work and your happiness.

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